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Visit to AIIMS
Event Start Date : 27/04/2018 Event End Date 27/04/2018

Students of class 12th A - Bio group visited AIIMS  on 27th April to attend "Catalyst"-  Expo and  Quiz Fest 2018  open house exhibition of human body and  organs.
Various body organs like Human heart, Kidneys,  Placenta, Foetus etc shown to our students and they were told about their functions by the AIIMS doctors and experts.
 The children further learned about CPR and blood test techniques and the working of human heart. Various real specimens of microorganisms and venomous snakes were also shown. Children also participated in the quiz round. 
It was overall an excellent  informative and learning experience.
Student's Corner 
By the blessings of our principal ma'am  and teachers my friends were able to visit the exhibition organised by India's top institute - AIIMS. They sent me pictures which were fascinating and informational. I'm thankful to my teachers, because of them I was given opportunity to see real organs and learn many things about medical sciences. Thank you ma'am for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Ayushi Roy 


The trip to aiims was a very nice experience..! Thanks to principal mam who gave us the golden opportunity to visit there, thankyou so much principal mam and Meena mam for taking our responsibility..! Visiting aiims was actually wonderful and we got to know about so many things which were fascinating  ️thankyou so much mam.. Bhuvi Lohia
We went AIIMS Delhi to attend the Open House Exhibition (CATALYST-2018) on 27 April 2018 and it was overwhelming. We packed so much knowledge and motivation from MBBS Students there. There we saw many specimens of human body and organs, and learnt their in depth functions. We also participated in a Quiz there, although we don't won but it was participating in it. I personally loved that trip and thank our Honourable Principal Chitra Nakra Mam, Kirti Bajaj Mam and Meena Jha Mam to organise the trip.

Ayush Sharma 


We had a mesmerising day at AIIMS, on 27th April. We r really lucky to be a part of such a big event. Also, it was the first time when.. Students like me got to see the real organs. We came to know many things... Apart from book, they gave us extra knowledge that was hardly to find in any book. 
I thanks principal mam for organising such a trip
Kirti Chaudhary
My trip to AIIMS with my friends and teachers was very informative and wonderful ! We learnt alot of things from there and actually felt like doctors! It was actually a golden oppurtunity for us to go there and enhance our knowledge.. this could happen because of our principal mam and meena mam... thankyou so much mam for conducting this trip... This was actually a gift to us... " THE BEST TRIP". Astha Khurana
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to visit IIT n AIIMS Delhi. It was such an amazing and knowledgeable experience. Tanisha Bansal
Trip to AIIMS was an amazing experiance.A big thanks to our principal,incharges and biology teachers for organizing this trip . We learnt a lot practically about our subject and topics.It was a such a pride to visit India's top medical institution and be apart of the event. Aditi Singh