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Maths Week
Event Start Date : 27/11/2018 Event End Date 29/11/2018

Veda Vyasa DAV Public School celebrated the beauty of mathematics during Mathematics  Week that was observed  on 27-29 November and 4 December2018,under the able guidance of  Principal Mrs. Shalini Arora and Mrs.Sonia Malik -Supervisory Incharge   and H.O.D Mathematics.

A plethora of activities conducted during the week aimed at inspiring students to

welcome new challenges and meet them innovatively, resourcefully, creatively and imaginatively. The activities taken up during the week  for all the classes nurtured and enhanced  power of reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills.


The highlights are:


27 November

Class X



 The Director’s Cut, first event of mathematics week ,which held the ears of audience to listen more and their sparkling eyes demanded more of presentations and movies based on the statistics project. Class Xstudents took up surprisingly interesting topics for survey .There was full involvement of students, engaged in surveys, presentations, reports and inferring statistical data. Topics of social importance like crime rate in India, literacy rate, annual income of parents, money spent on tuitions and even hypothetical topics concerning zombies were very well discussed. The activity indulged the students to explore their creative caps with colors of innovation. 

 The first prize was bagged by class X-F which stood apart from the line, class X-E and A bagged the second and third prize respectively.


Class IX

“My Journey”

Each section was alloted a different topic.

The journey covered the basics of a particular topic to higher concepts..

Students explained each and every subtopic  with the help of Aids , activities, computer  presentation,  models .

It was basically a wonderful experience to see the students explaining the  journey of the concepts  by wide range of activities.


Classes 2 to 5

For the classes, screening round for Mathematics Quiz was conducted.


28 November

Class 1


Students walked the ramp dressedup in

* Numbers

* Number Names

* 2D Shapes

* 3D Shapes with examples.

The audience were enthralled to see different mathematical signs walking the ramp.Last round was the operational round in which audience were asked to solve different  operations.Last but not the least main attractions of MATHS ON RAMP were 

*The great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan

*Maths Fairy

*Maths Wizard

*Show Stopper -MATHS +YOU = FRIENDS


Classes 2to 5

Fun with shapes - Classes2&3

'Rangometry'-Class 4

Scenery using Tangrams - Class 5

Each section was divided into four groups with different themes. There was 100% participation of students.

Class 4 students created beautiful rangoli designs using regular polygons.

Usingthe 'tans' of Tangrams puzzle, class 5 students created beautiful sceneries. The objective of the activity was to gain geometric insights. The students completed the data sheet using different concepts.

Besides being fulfilled activities, these also motivated the students to see the world through the ' eyes of mathematics'


Class 6

Maths Academic Activity 

“Role play” 

Each section was alloted a different topic and the students of respective sections explained the mathematical concepts through a role play.

It was a wonderful experience to see the students explaining the concept through dramatization.



Models and Presentation

Each section of classes was divided into four groups and each group was given a different topic. No two groups were given the same topic The students under the guidance of their respective Maths teachers did an extensive research and hence came out with very good models. A viva was also taken and most of the students answered the questions asked. The group leaders explained the various concepts used in their models.


29 November 

Classes 4&5

Koan Banega Ramanujan- Maths Quiz

Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”

To assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students, a mathematical quiz ' Kaun Banega Ramanujan' was conducted for the students in Hansraj Hall . Two students each from all sections of IV &V   participated in the competition. There were 6 teams in all.  The quiz began with a lot of anticipation and excitement.

The entire quiz was divided into 6 rounds. The first round was an Individual Round followed by the Rapid fire round which hogged the limelight of the show as it examined the contestants’ in-depth knowledge and their I.Q. level as well.This was followed by theVisual Round in which questions were based on videos . The Puzzle Round was the last round  , A Life line was also given to the contestants which could be used only once throughout the Quiz.Two experts Ms Sonia Malik ,HOD , Mathematics  & Ms Kavita  Dewan , Supervisory Incharge of Primary were given the seats on the dais .All the rounds were keenly contested. Some questions were posed to the audience to which they answered enthusiastically. Overall, it was an enriching, interesting and fun filled activity. The competition among the teams was very tough but in the end, the most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by Team B .


4 December

Classes 2&3

Maths Quiz

The Maths Week concluded with a maths quiz held for classes 2 and 3 today. The participants with great enthusiasm solved the various problems put in front of them. The activity aimed at developing logical thinking amongst the students.The Quiiz was won by team F.


Class 11

Research projects/ Mathematical Games and Models

The activity was based on Research based presentations on topics like Fractals, Application of  Fibonacci series and Golden Ratio, Maths in Music. Also Display of various Games and Models was done by the students on various topics like probability, sets, permutation and combinations, trignometry etc. The participants were quite enthusiatic about the whole concept and they gave amazing  innovative presentations .

 Overall it was a very informative and interesting activity as per the comments given by the student experts from class 11C.


All the students  saw Maths Week as another great opportunity to explore and learn new mathematics beyond the confines of a classroom.

Principal Mrs . Shalini Arora congratulated students and teachers for the innovative approach.

The events were applauded and appreciated by Mrs .Manju Malik, Principal  DAV mianwali, Founder Principal of the school MrsChitra Nakra  and Manager of the school Mr Jain .

A newsletter highlighting the events of the week long celebration will be released by the Principal Ms.Shalini Arora


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