• Welcome of Pre Schoolers
    A strong and vibrant infrastructure needs a solid and firm foundation to stand on, which can be provided and ensured by a sound and dynamic system of education alone. Early childhood education needs special attention and planning which Veda Vyasa D.A.V Public School has designed specially for pre schoolers.
    The start of Pre- School is a milestone that is often anticipated with great excitement and joy. On 30th March 2019 the little ones of Pre-School, of Veda Vyasa D.A.V public school attended their first memorable day in the school. With new aspirations and hopes in their heart. Along with their parents, they spent a fun filled day in the school.
    The  principal , MRS .SHALINI ARORA & the  supervisory incharge MRS. ANJU SINGH extended a warm welcome to the new children and parents .
    The school premises was decorated with balloons  and cartoon cutouts and wore a festive look.For the fun and frolic of the little ones a play station was installed comprising of a jumping jack . The little ones  enjoyed  on the swings, played with balls and balloons and had the pleasure of tattoos made on theirs hands.
    PARENTS were briefed about various practices which form a daily part of  their kids routine in school. 

    The class teachers made the parents and the kids comfortable in the classroom environment and addressed to all the queries of the parents . The teachers successfully tried to provide them the confidence of quality education and a comforting atmosphere for the kids in the school.