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1. Has been recruited by ESA(European Space Agency), was shortlisted among 5000 candidates around the world and had a personal interview with Mr. Frank Felula and Mr. Mike.

2. Honored with the best-processed image award  at the SingAsian'18  in Singapore for processing the clearest and magnified image of M101 Galaxy 

3. Also had been honored with a best overseas astronomer, best overseas asteroid hunter by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in December 2017

4. Honored with the best project of the einstein@home category by the zooniverse 

5. Author of three books:

 - The waltz of astrophysics
    Launched in July 2017
   This book offers a unique insight into astronomy. This book makes the reader enjoy and               understand the concept of astrophysics
 - The ghost theory
    Launched in August 2017
    Ever wondered why you wake up with one thrust during your nighttime sleep? Or some time or      another you always have felt that      someone is staring at you while there is no one there?          How does that happen? Ever wondered? this book takes u to another dimension   for that            experience
- The waltz of astrophysics: a journey to black holes
   Launched in October 2017
   A black hole is the most fascinating and unanswerable Phenomenon of the universe.
   This book tries to make the reader understand the concept of black holes by only using the          basic mathematics and laws.
5. Has 2 famous fans 
    An international singer Shirley Setia
    An American actress Coco Cox