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Gunjit Verma of Class X won the second prize in Slam Poetry in Elixir organized by Mount Carmel School


Life beyond that door

There is a place where I want to go

I don’t know where it is , in the clouds or the ground below

It is the final test which I have to bear

Lurks in the dark shadows there, death dear

Is it just folklore?

What is the life beyond that door?

Our path of life leads to that door

Beyond that will death take me to ledge or moor

Will that life be the life I need

Or will also die my life’s new seed

heaven or hell where will I go to

will there be demons there saying boo

I am happy here I want to soar

why I have to go to the life beyond that door

That door can come anytime buckle up tight

I have to leave all There is no point to Fight

Will God welcome me with open arms

Or cause of what I did there will be a red alarm

do I get to keep my beloved family and my lucky ball

Or I have to keep solace in the simple perfection of knowing them all

how do you define that unique life

Which takes away everything cutting like a knife

Do I need to take it seriously or laugh out loud

The question is whether I live in a sea or a city of cloud

Will I get a blessing at best or a curse at worst

that will depend when my bubble of life will burst

the lifet beyond the door is mysterious and dark

Is that door salvation or jail

to whom do I go to know what will happen after

but the dead in the grave do not talk on have a laughter

They say it’s a game of body and soul only

I am bound to lose and then become lonely

Will I have an Afterlife at least

No one can tell me neither a human nor a beast

but why am I so gloomy I have to live a lot more

ironically I will leave that life beyond that door

that I am utterly sure