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MATHS WEEK - Primary Wing
Event Start Date : 27/11/2018 Event End Date 29/12/2018


The Primary Wing celebrated Maths week from 27- 30 November 2018, consisting of various activities like puzzles, worksheets, Rangometry, Sceneries using tangrams. and a mathematical quiz named "Kaun Banega Ramanujan".

The preliminary round on day one consisted of different puzzles and multiple-choice questions followed by a hands-on activity named "Fun with Shapes" on day two. Students from different classes made different shapes, for eg. students from class two made 2D shapes whereas class three students made 3D shapes from toothpicks and clay. Fourth standard students participated in "Rangometry"(making rangoli designs from polygons) and class five students made figures using tangrams. There was 100% participation of students from all classes.


On the third and final day an inter-class quiz named "Kaun Banega Ramanujan" was organized in which students from classes 4th and 5th participated and total 6 teams were formed.Teams participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The first round was individual round followed by a rapid-fire round. One special round was the visual round in which students had to answer questions based on a video that was shown to them instantaneously. A lifeline was given to all the contestants that could be used once in the game if they found themselves stuck at some point of the quiz. Contestants were assisted by our two experts Ms. Sonia and Ms. Kavita.

Overall the mathematics week was full of enthusiasm, learning and most importantly fun filled activities. The efforts of students and teacher were highly appreciated and applauded by the Principal Mrs.Shalini Arora, Supervisory head Mrs. Kavita Dewan and HOD Maths Mrs. Sonia Malik.