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Event Start Date : 27/11/2018 Event End Date 29/11/2018

Technology is everywhere around us and we need Mathematics to master it.In this reference a "MATHS WEEK" was conducted and lots of interesting activities were taken up in the Nursery Wing under the able guidance of Mrs. Anju Singh the Supervisory Incharge of the Nursery Wing .
On 27th November "Maths is Fun" was conducted in Pre School, Pre Primary and Class 1 ,which comprised of various informative fun games involving Mathematical concepts .The little cherubs thoroughly enjoyed these games.
On 28th November "Maths Mazes" were solved by Pre School,Pre Primary and Class 1. As Maths is not just numbers, it is about patterns too and can be used in art thus "Maths in Art" was taken up .All the pupils made collage ,pictures and posters with various shape cutouts.Special feature of the week was 'MATHS ON RAMP'
Students walked the ramp dressed up in
* Numbers
* Number Names
* 2D Shapes
* 3D Shapes with examples.
The audience were enthralled to see different mathematical signs walking the ramp.Last round was the operational round in which audience were asked to solve different operations.Last but not the least main attractions of MATHS ON RAMP were
*The great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan
*Maths Fairy
*Maths Wizard
*Show Stopper -MATHS +YOU = FRIENDS
The programme was appreciated by our respected principal mam Mrs. Chitra Nakra, Nursery Incharge Mrs Anju Singh and Maths H.O.D Mrs Sonia Malik.
These activities gave a wonderful opportunity to the little ones explore the beauty of Mathematics.
A forthcoming activity "MATHS CARNIVAL" will follow on 14.12.18.