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Annual Exhibition - VI to VIII
Event Start Date : 29/12/2018 Event End Date 29/12/2018

The school organised the Annual Exhibition Cum PTM for classes VI to XII .
The exhibition showcased the innovative and skillful presentations of the various class activities as well as the creative works done in the SUPW  Groups
The exhibition proved to be a great opportunity to tap the creative potential of the children.It  provided  a platform to them to display the arrey of exhibits of different subjects beautifully decorated in diverse ways.
The highlights of the exhibition were the displays of the Community Outreach,Interact Club,Meal Planning and Art and Craft to name a few.
The Principal of the school Mrs.Shalini Arora was greatly impressed by the dexterity and ingenuinity of the displays. She exhorted the students to continue working with zeal and vigour to sustain the quality of work in future Ventures as well.