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House System  

In order to infuse the spirit of leadership and other latent qualities, the students on roll are divided amongst eight houses. Kaleidoscopic activities and competitions are held during the cultural week "Indradhanush".

Education is complete in all respects only when, along with intellectual development, the right values and positive attitudes are acquired. For the refinement of the total personality, positive and competitive attitude must be inculcated. for this purpose the student from Class IV to XII are grouped into 8 houses and competitions are organized all though the year - Inter School, Inter House, Inter Class and Intra Class. These competitions motivate the tender minds towards creativity and devotion to excel in the true sportsman spirit. Each house spreads forth its hues and views with each other for top honors. Eminent persons from all works of life are invited to preside over these competitions. Various Houses of the School may briefly be classified as :

  • Sharad Sadan
  • Ambar Sadan
  • Greeshm Sadan
  • Vasundhara Sadan
  • Hemant Sadan
  • Varsha Sadan
  • Basant Sadan
  • Shishir Sadan

Further these houses are also entrusted the work of discipline and work management in the school on rotation basis and these house are given duties to comply with