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Achievements - 2018  
Dance competition 

Aus der reihe tanzen  (Dance Competition) held at Darbari Lal DAV Public School in Shalimar Bagh in which seven students of class X participated. They did contemporary dance on a theme based german Song and they won 2nd prize.


Students participated in‘Litigation ‘ a courtroom scene - enactment  held at DAV Shalimar Bagh on 27th April 2018 and got second position.

Participants were: Tejal Dhingra, Shreya Sharma, Alisha Patnaik and Uday Chopra of XIID and Madhur Lamba of XIIE.

Eco Manthan Presenation 

Students participated in events  held at DAV Shalimar Bagh on 27th April 2018  got first position in event ECO MANTHAN presentation ‘ on artificial intelligence -

Participants were : Akash Menon and Vansh Kathuria of XIIF

Buncee Competition

Conclave 2018 was organised at Kulachi Hansraj Model School on 2/5/18, two students  Divyansh and Ananya from VIII C participated in Buncee Competition on the topic " 7 R's of Zero Waste Living". They have won 3rd prize in the event.

International MUN

V.VDAVMUN, the MUN Society of the school bagged its first achievement of 2018. The students of IX,X&XI participate in Indian International MUN held at DAWARKA Bal Bharati bagged the following prizes

1.Naman Bajaj- Best photographer   XI F

2. Leena Dogra- Best delegate     XIA

3. Manasi Prabhakaran- Best delegate  XI D

4. Yashika- Best delegate     X F

5. Deep anand - Best reporter    X F

6. Palak- verbal mention    XI D


Our team is also the proud winner of the Best school delegation trophy.

The students have also won trip to the US for participating in MUN Conference next year.

Impression Painting Competition

Two students Navya Tarafdar of class 2F and Deepal Bansal of class 2E won 3rd position in Impession Painting Comptt held at Kulachi Hansraj Model School , Ashok Vihar on 4 May 2018 . The students were guided by Ms Saloni.

Singing Competition

Shreya Issar of class 5D and Aastha Jha of class 5E won 1st  prize in Rap Song Singing Comptt on the theme "Make haste - control e waste " held at KHMS , Ashok Vihar , N Delhi on 4May2018 . The rap song was prepared by Ms Harsh and Ms Pallavi


Akshit Sharma and Deep Anand of 10F participated in Inter-school Competition HASH 6.0 ROBOSAGA at DLDAV Shalimarbag held on 27 April 2018 under the guidance of Ms. Ratna Verma  Robotic Club Incharge They won the 1st Prize and Certificate of participation .

Digital Story Competition 

Ankit Dahiya and Angad Rai of Class -  9E participated in the Digital Story Competition held at DLDAV Pitam Pura on 31 July 2018. The topic for the day SOCIAL MEDIA MAKING US UNSOCIAL saw active participation from our students wherein they highlighted the fact that today's generation is addicted to social media and this is majority leading to the malfunctioning of the brain.

Maths Activity - Mathewind

Moksh Bhateja and Kshiteesh Bhardwaj of class XI-C participated in Maths Activity -"Mathewind" held at D.L.DAV Public School,Pitampura on 31 July 2018 which saw participation from 45 schools spread across Delhi. The coveted second prize was bagged by our students.
  The competition was organised at 3 levels:  
LEVEL1 which had a total of 20 questions had to be solved in the given time of 20 minutes{problem solving}.
LEVEL2 had 10 questions in all related to logical reasoning to be completed in 10 minutes.
LEVEL3 had a total of 20 questions in the proving and solving category and  the allotted time was 10 minutes in all.

Poetry Recitation



V.V.D.A.V public school, participated in cross roads 2018 in the category “health domain” at D.L DAV Public school on 31st July 2018. A total of 47 schools around Delhi participated in this competition. Our school saw representation by Nikunj Goel and Dhruv Arora of class X who bagged the second prize and were awarded a certificate of merit and a book each.


Seven students  of classes VI to X of VVDAV Public school participated in Kreativ 2018 at Darbari lal DAV Public School on 9th August 2018. This competition was organised for the students of  German language. The competition saw participation from 27 schools spread across Delhi/ Ncr and around 200 participants in all.

Akashat Chauhan of IX-F bagged the first position in German spell check and sentence formation category.

Anushka and Prachi of  class X-A and Bhumi and Mishthi of X-F bagged the  third position in weave a story competition.

Zonal Poem Recitation

Manvi of class 8th B stood 1st  in zonal Poem Recitation (Sanskrit) held on 10 Aug 2018.

Zonal Declamation English MANASI PRABHAKARAN of class 11th D stood III RD   in zonal Declamation English) held on 17 Aug 2018.  
Zonal Declamation Junior

Aditya Shukla class 8th won 1st prize in Hindi  . zonal Declamation Competition (jr)


1 अगस्त से 7 सितंबर 2018 तक शिक्षा निदेशालय द्वारा विभिन्न क्षेत्रीय प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन किया गया। इसी के अंतर्गत वेदव्यास डीएवी विद्यालय विकासपुरी के छात्रों ने भी प्रतिभागिता की।

20 अगस्त 2018 को हिंदी भाषण प्रतियोगिता (कनिष्ठ वर्ग) जिसका विषय था ‘आधुनिक समाज में अंधविश्वास’ में हिस्सा लेकर आदित्य शुक्ला आठवीं ब के छात्र ने प्रथम स्थान प्राप्त किया। श्रीमती आशु बक्शी ने मार्गदर्शन किया।

21 अगस्त 2018 को आयोजित हिंदी वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता (कनिष्ठ वर्ग )जिसका विषय था ‘सहपाठी दबाव व्यक्ति विशेष के लिए फायदेमंद है या हानिकारक ‘में हिस्सा लेकर शेफाली प्रकाश 8 Fऔर क्षितिजा नंदा 8 C ने तृतीय स्थान प्राप्त किया ।श्रीमती सुजाता कोहली ने मार्गदर्शन किया।

Zonal Hindi Debate

Kshitija Nanda and  Shefali Prakash of class 8th have won 3rd prize in zonal hindi debate

Zonal Vocal Music (classical)

[JR] JASMEH SINGH GROVER of class  VIIA won 1st prize in zonal Vocal Music (CLASSICAL )

Zonal Vocal Music (Light)

NISHIT MALKANIA of class  VIII D won 3rd prize in zonal Vocal Music (Light )

Painting Competition 

YASHWARDHAN of class X bagged the third position for 'ON THE SPOT PAINTING COMPETITION' organised by NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK NEW DELHI . The theme of the competion was based on observing live animals in the zoo and bringing them alive on canvas . The event saw enthusiastic participation from around 50 schools , spread across DELHI-NCR .

Rajnaitik samasya per vyangnatam Charcha Divisha and Rumi Jayee of class 2 D won 3rd position in Rajnaitik samasya per vyangnatam Charcha held at Dav  Public School , paschim enclave in August  
Model United Nations Conference 

A Model United Nations Conference was held in The Happy Model School on the 6th and 7th of October. The agenda of the conference was “Legalization of Marijuana”. Out of 30 delegates, Ambarish Deb of XI-B and Pakhi Saini of XI-D received Special Mention and First High Commendation respectively. They represented Czech Republic and Netherlands. The committee was UNODC, that is, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. The conference debated about the benefits and curses of the drug, where various delegates of different countries expressed their opinions.

Interzonal Poem Recitation (Sanskrit)

Manvi Singh of class 8th B stood 1st  in interzonal Poem Recitation (Sanskrit) held on 23rd October 2018.

Interzonal Declamation

Aditya Shukla class 8th won 1st prize in Hindi  inter zonal Declamation Competition on 25th October


Mansi participated in Cambridge School, Indirapuram MUN as a member of executive board. Commendable effort!

Sangam of class 11 E got special mention in Cambridge School MUN


Aman Tyagi and Vibhav of class VIII A participated in VIVIDHA - SCRATCH THE SPRITE competition and bagged the second position. The topic of the competition was “Clean Delhi Green Delhi”. The event was organised by DAV Jasola VIhar.

United Nations-NPSC Painting and Slogan Writing Competition

The United Nations-NPSC Painting and Slogan Writing Competition on "Beat Plastic Pollution"was held on 14th Nov in UN House. The  Slogans presented by Tanishka Tyagi and Tisha Khanijo of class X-B have been selected to be displayed in the annual UN Calendar. The students have been appreciated and awarded with letters of Recommendation and Excellence.

 INSPIRE AWARD SCHEME.        Akshat Sharma of class X and Sarthak Sharma of class VIII have been selected by Government of India, Ministry of Science and Technology under INSPIRE AWARD SCHEME. These students have been awarded Rs. 10000 each for preparing the Science Model. They will participate in the district level exhibition to be organised by them. Congratulations  
Sanskrit Bhashnam Competition 

Manan Popli of class IX -E  got consolation prize in Sanskrit Bhashnam competition (zonal) on the topic New teaching methodologies in sanskrit teaching.



MUN Achievements

MUN Name of Delegate Category Prize

Excalibur MUN

Naman Bajaj Photographer High commendation
Palak AIPPM Special  Mention
Manasi   Special mention
KRMUN Vikaspuri Rawaani Citizens Dialogue Special Mention
Naman NATO Verbal mention
Dhanuysha NATO Verbal mention
SDGMUN’18 Naman Photographer Best photographer
Leena Dogra   Best Delegate
Manasi   Best Delegate
Yashika   Best Delegate
Deepanand   Best Delegate
Palak   Verbal mention
    Best  school  delegation