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'SOCH BADLO HAWA BADLO' Project-Nursery Wing
Event Start Date : 03/12/2021 Event End Date 03/12/2021


Environmental pollution is not only a treason to humanity but also a treason to all living creatures on earth. Air pollution is one of the major concerns that is bothering mankind and all other creatures on our planet earth.
In order to create awareness among the students of the Junior school, A series of activities under the guidance of the Supervisory In-charge Mrs. Anju Singh were conducted with the students.
 Pre- schoolers integrated plants with this project.. Each student planted a sapling during their online class. They were encouraged to grow and nurture atleast one plant in a year. Thus highlighting the importance of the trees to combat air pollution. They recited rhymes and slogans too.
 In Pre-Primary. The children were encouraged to give brief speeches on "SOCH BADLO, HAWA BADLO",Pledges and poems were also recited. This gave them and insight about air pollution and how to reduce it.
In class 1 a week long "HAWA BADLO" project was taken up which comprised of, Hindi poem, video related to air pollution, discussion on reducing air pollution, Pledge and poster making activities were also taken up in which the young ones participated enthusiastically.
The Children of class 2 integrated animal world with "HAWA BADLO" activity. Open ended questions, animal enactment,poster making and Nukkad Natika were conducted to acquaint students about steps to keep animals hydrated, necessity to provide them dry food and shelter. 
In class 3 children collected data about air pollution, poster making, pollution catcher and role play of scary ''AIR DEVILS'' were conducted.
The "HAWA BADLO" project was quite effective in sensitizing the students about air pollution and inculcated values which will help them to be a part of the environment protectors.