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Dynamics of Education  

Education for todays learners should be a  perfect amalgamation  of the past, present and future. With the  emergence of learning  societies the children should have  the urge and need  to learn and learn continuously and spontaneously . The 21st century also  sees the dawn of  a  knowledge era.  So  the child  should  try  to understand the dynamics ,use, management  and assimilation of knowledge.  It also calls for greater quality conscious learners. The students should go beyond  the realms of the prescribed text and syllabus to enhance the creative and thinking skills in them. The learning  process should undergo a change.  With the explosion of knowledge it  becomes difficult to impart all the know how within a short duration of time. It is in this context the  learner has to be equipped with tools so as to  make him a continuous  and spontaneous learner..

Child centric democratic  classrooms should be  encouraged   where in  the students learn to pose queries, express themselves , discuss problems  and debate  eloquently.  To quote De  Bono here who rightly said “ Thinking is   a deliberate  exploration of experience for a  purpose “ If thinking  is not triggered then learning is  passive, restricted and rigid. The 21st century learner  should be  provided with  virtual classrooms and E-schools today.  We  are required to  provide  the learners  with a stimulating learning experience which encourage  learning by  doing   and  enhances the quality  and quantity of learning.  It makes  the learners self  reliant, confident and permanent and remain  focused on real  know  and conceptual understanding.  The world of work needs human resources who are knowledge  sensitive , have a high E.Q and have the  capacity  to acquire and update  skills continuously. With increasing  emotional gaps we need to pay more emphasis to the emotional health of the learners by  laying a greater thrust on co-operation and addressing  team building and partnership . The role of newspapers magazines and electronic  media should  be encouraged.  In order to explore  newer skills for sorting a number of activities, drama/theatre in learning,  project work, team work etc should be introduced.  The children are to be introduced to the exciting  world of Life skills, meditation, games, hobbies, extensive reading, yoga, Nature trails, Social Service programmes, Personality Development Exercise,   Adventure sports etc.  These activites will instill in them self esteem, self confidence and faith and are good stress  busters.


It is an accepted fact   that  with competitive  innovations,  rapid  strides in science  and  technology, Commuication  and Competition, there has been a degeneration of  moral, spiritual and humam values. Value   Education  should be interwoven   into the very  curriculum .  It ought to be integrated into every subject. There should be motivational writing  interwoven with project orientation and problem solving  approach  that take the learner closer to real life situations. 

Last  but  not the least the libraries should be able to facilitate  net conferencing  between students   Students  and teachers   inter school net symposiums Science and social awareness etc. Intranet systems should  facilitate exchange of ideas and information. School web magazines should be flatted to the other schools also.



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