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“If the child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn”

VEDA VYASA DAV has always proved its invincible presence on the global stage. Radiant vision, passion mingled with compassion, relentless efforts, untiring zeal and the translation of aspiration into action are the building blocks of the edifice of our educational system.

Founded in 1982, Veda Vyasa DAV Public School, Vikaspuri is one of the most prestigious and promising institutions in Delhi NCR with over 4000 students and around 200 teaching and non-teaching staff members. Since its inception, our school has been a pioneer of modern education blended with the rich Vedic and cultural ethos of our country. Resonating the values inscribed in the Vedas, education, here, has always been learner-centric and goal-oriented. The ever-escalating board results, achievements and accolades bagged by the school are a testimony to the successful implementation of scientific temperament blended with a humanitarian approach towards global issues.



The school has in place state-of-the-art amenities and facilities and has earmarked and categorized the many facilities and sections that cater to sports, academics and creative streams. The opulent library is a treasure house with more than 20,000 books on wide range of subjects, including reference books and encyclopaedia Britannica C.D.'s audio and video tapes. The Science laboratories, Computer rooms, Media Centre, Geography Lab. and weather observatory are equipped with the latest equipment to acquire and transmit knowledge effectively.




Our dynamic institution aims and works incessantly to design programmes which provide opportunities for international exposure, peer group learning, mentorship and co- curricular skill development. Our students have actively participated in innumerable co-curricular events and won awards in various genres from filmmaking to performing arts, from ATL to public speaking, from Dance to drama, our students have had it all with grandeur and passion.




Various international projects, cross-cultural exchanges and collaborations are taken up by our students. The students exchange their views and opinions with their peers in countries such as Poland, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, UAE, Albania, Turkey and Nepal on the Sustainable Development Goals, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Food, Culture and Heritage through highly impactful virtual conferences. We are also active participants in all programs Generation Global under the Tony Blair Institute of Global Change based in the UK.




Community Service Programmes like Education for all, free education for underprivileged, rallies for environment awareness, blood donation camps, donation for destitute are regular feature in the school calendar.Seminar-cum-workshops and Orientation Programmes are organized in alliance with N.C.E.R.T., C.B.S.E., C.I.E and D.A.V In-service Education Programme.






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