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International Family Day
Event Start Date : 15/05/2024 Event End Date 15/05/2024

“Your life is full of smiles and joy when you have your family by your side through thick and thin”. 
Under the nurturing leadership of the Principal Madam Shalini Arora and the motivation of the supervisory head of the junior wing Ms Anju Singh, the school joyously commemorated “International Family Day” on 15 May 2024. .With a rich array of activities, the event served as a poignant reminder of the irreplaceable role of the family in shaping individuals. 
The pre-primary section echoed with laughter and joy as children showcased their talents through vibrant songs and dances, spreading warmth and cheer. 
In the preschool segment, young ones expressed their feelings reciting heartfelt poems that celebrated the beauty of familial bonds.
Class 1 Students engaged in creative activities like making photo frames to preserve family memories.
Class 2 Students prepared healthy snacks, emphasizing the importance of nutrition making the event both enjoyable and educational. These activities fostered family bonding and highlighted sustainable practices.
Class 3 students expressed their love and bond by creating “The Family Tree”  and writing about each family member.
Class 4 students showcased their creativity and expressed their gratitude by crafting heartfelt cards for their families, fostering bonds of love and appreciation and Class 5 students delightfully conducted interviews with grandparents allowing themselves to connect with their roots and cherish familial narratives. 
By fostering a deep appreciation for family connections, the school community embraced the ethos of togetherness and solidarity, reaffirming the timeless importance of cherishing and nurturing family relationships.
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