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The immediate goal of education is to make students effective thinkers. We cater to empower and equip them with life long learning and thinking skills necessary to suit the challenges in an ever changing world. We should encourage questioning and inquiry based learning . I am of the conviction that students CAN learn to think better if we concentrate on teaching them HOW to do so.


The institution visualizes Education not just as a process of textual content enrichment but we also care to build and strengthen a sustainable ethical culture. It has been our endeavour to provide education that is not only knowledge based but also value oriented. The primary strategy is to instill core values through a process embodied in the acronym TEAM - Teach, Encourage, Advocate and Model. The future of mankind depends upon the character , convictions and goals of the people. Hence the education imparted should prepare young children for the responsibilities , they will assume.


I am sure that graduated and specialized efforts will certainly bring about improvement in the ethical life of the child. It is my sincere wish and prayer that the institution continues with stead fast zeal, this important and noble mission of shaping the new generation-instilling in them intellectual knowledge, those human and spiritual values that will help them in the growth of their personality


May the legacy of Education, Culture and Virtue live on and the Institution scale further heights of glory and Excellence.


Mrs. Shalini Arora
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